The unique Wild Coast along the Eastern Cape, still remains hardy and wild by comparison to the commercial Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast and is in a different world altogether. It’s a unique wild natural environment, comprising of budget family accommodation in the south coast, with family holidays also available for the budget conscious family. The wild landscape also provides adventure wild coast accommodation.

Wild Coast holiday accommodation is one of those budget places that doesn’t immediately comes into your mind as a holiday traveller to the Eastern Cape. It does not have any of the big expensive attractions that generally seduce visitors to Cape Town accommodation , Garden Route adventures or on safari holidays. To travel to South Africa and not visit The Wild Coast is to be missing out on one of Natures most beautiful possessions.

wildcoast2At the beginning of the 20th century farmers from the surrounding towns would pack their families and provisions into ox drawn wagons, for a 2 month long camping holiday by the sea. Animals taken with included; milk cows and their calves; fattened sheep and roosters; and chickens for laying eggs. A span of oxen would pull each wagon, laden with necessities such as flour, maize, salt, sugar, preserved food and other groceries needed to sustain the families and their servants for the entire holiday. There were no supermarkets and refrigerators back then!

The Wild Coast is slightly out of the way from any major cities or Safari Parks, but if you have made it all the way down to travel in South Africa and have some extra time, you very well might want to consider travelling down to the coast lines of the Wild Coast.

wildcoastAs the Wild Coasts name might suggest, this rugged stretch of wild coastline has some of the most spectacular landscapes and wildest oceans in the country. The Wild Coast forms part of two former homelands during the South African apartheid days; Ciskei and Transkei.

It lacked any economic government support and so it is still extremely rural. This is what which makes it so amazing to visit and travel through. It is mainly inhabited by the ‘Xhosa’ people. This is a unique South African world where women with painted faces and wrapped in blankets are gathered around outside fires cooking meals in large cast iron pots as the young adults round up the cows and sheep for the night.

wildcoast3Holiday suns set behind silhouettes of rolling green hills and the local thatched mud huts of the Wild Coast budget holiday accommodation venues. Children are excited by overseas visitors and wave as you travel past. The culture aside, the landscapes of green hills rolling down towards rough seas crashing against the rocky coastline is seriously inspiring for anyone travelling in South Africa. It truly is one of the most natural and untouched coastlines in South Africa.